About Meiolab


MeioLab is a low and high tech media platform mobilizing collaborative mark-making techniques to produce collective (audio)visuals.

At its simplest, MeioLab seeks to think and carry out “organic machines for communication” by multiplying inscription layers into a structure and have them feedback into the system, so that audio-visual results can be cross-referenced in real time by means of user-friendly equipment (often low-tech) and/or writing-drawing activities.

MeioLab aims to expand audio-visual experience in order to widen and diversify opportunities for inscription and critical readings. This expansion takes place, on the one hand, by working the projection architecture (screen structure, location and nature of workstations and audience etc.); on the other, procedures for collective and/or collaborative writing-drawing are explored (fill-in-the-gaps formsheets, typescaping, live drawing etc.).

Thus, MeioLab has taken up a variety of set-ups, according to the demands of a given place and situation. Past activity include activist meetings, outdoor projection with public interaction, workshops and thematic gatherings.

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Procedures developed at workstation level before and during projection include:

Live Drawing > Workstations project drawing activities developed by users onto a variety of screen setups: onscreen layering or juxtaposing, story buildong etc.

Penciling the Pixel > Here the user draws on top of a still or moving digital image, interacting with captured images by means of overlayered graphic gestural marks.

Typescape> The graphic qualities of type are studied by means of the exploration of found type (objects, films, posters, drawings and prints) or digitally generated typefaces.

Textscaping > Here the textual aspects of writing are explored, in the form of visual poetry, story building and live subtitling (text typed live to recorded or live footage)

Survey Probe > The emphasis rests on text or drawing done to pre-set formats, so as to structure up in the form of modules or parts to be assembled in projection. One such example os the fill-in-the-gaps sheets, which bear the different reactions to the same provocations.

Process panoramas > Here each workstation is fixed, but aim is to produce meaningful overal collective image caches.

Scene Slicer > Images of different kinds are sliced, shuffled and rebuilt to critical readings.

Boxing comics > Unfolded transparent plastic boxes are drawn on, often by tracing images from comic books. Then the boxes are folded live (on backprojectors), and juxtaposing and layering possibilities explored.

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Some of MeioLab past screen configurations

  • Panorama (CCJ)
  • Three-square landscape (SJC)
  • Quarter-split square (SJC)
  • Three-part tower (SJC)
  • Right Angle (PIR)